Digital and Conventional Printing services available

All business establishments require printing in some form. For example, packages in the supermarket,
pharmacy labels in the drugstores, forms for the operation of an insurance agency, business cards,
catalogs, restaurant menus, freestanding advertising inserts, and hundreds of other products.

At OTTH, all graphic products are tailored to specifically meet a customer's needs. We work with the
technology that is appropriate for our customers.

OTTH have remained flexible and provided their customers with VALUE ADDED products in both,
conventional and digital printing services. We have trained sales representatives to take complete
job specifications for both conventional and electronic production. Below are some of the other
benefits that our customers receive by using our products and services:

- We provide an excellent selection of papers and ink so that the customer's products are both unique,
and ultimately yield the desired product.

- We provide conventional and digital production when cost and time factors make the process more
cost effective or of higher quality.

- We offer post-press services such as cutting, die-cutting, trimming, folding, binding, inserting, stamping
and metering, labeling, packaging choices, wrapping, shipping, distribution options, and mailing, to
support target marketing.

For more details on pricing on a product you need printed please call for a quote.